As an Intuitive and Empathic Therapist, Keith works with clients on a individual basis of guidance. He believes it is helpful to assist in learning what it is they are actually looking for in help from another, and themselves, within a setting of healthy boundaries.

He has had psychic visions his whole life, including seeing ahead into much of his life and world events as a small child.  Keith works with, and teaches, Holy Fire III REIKI (Usui, Tibetan, Karuna (r) and an Egyptian Style he knows from a previous incarnation).

He offers past life regression as well as spirit/space clearings and excorcisms.

He is a clinical Hypnotherapist, helping people with the integration of their many states of consciousness. He also has studied, and is certified, in Reflexology. 

He uses these abilities and others, including the abilities of communicating with spirit, in sessions with clients and students. 
To text for an appointment: 1 - 774 - 452 - 2784 (only texting) 

Empathic Consulting -  Holy Fire Reiki - Life Coaching  - Mediumship - Readings  - IN PERSON - SKYPE - FACETIME
1 hour session - $100.

Keith holds space for what spirit comes forth to teach in this session. From mediumship to psychic readings, and channelings of teachings and awareness offered - each session is uniquely different depending on what the client brings with them, and the space/boundaries that are taught from.
This is also good for people that would like to discuss and work to better understand the individual options available and most suitable for them working with Keith and what 'Transcendence' can offer them.

Energy Awareness/Balancing & Consulting
2.5 hour session - $250. 

Keith offers a deeper session of consulting and actual energy work developing intents and more energetic awareness of where you would like to take your session and manifestation within your life. Many tools can be used (including a bio/sensor aura imaging system) depending on what is needed and the direction of the session. Your experience can result in suggestions and advice for energetic exercises, studies and changes in ones life.

Spirit/Space Clearings/Excorcisms
In person or via distance session.
1 hour session - $175.

Past Life Regression
Per hour $150.
Often requires an Empathic Consulting Sessions first, to make sure the person is grounded and ready for whatever they may encounter. 

Clinical Hypnotherapy
Per hour $130.
(length of sessions, and how many sessions needed, depends on clients individual needs and circumstances)

Keith offers therapy sessions dealing with a persons states of consciousness and what they wish to learn, grow and empower from by learning about self hypnosis and how to have better control/awareness of their subconscious mind and how it works. Hypnosis is a normal function of a persons consciousness, in fact people are within various states of hypnosis all day long. It is said that people only use 10% of their mind   -  That 10% is the conscious mind the other 90% is the subconscious mind which can be further worked with so that a person can use a higher percentage of their mind to be able to raise their consciousness. (Individualized sessions which will most often include personalized CDS to take home to strengthen the work taking place.)

Aura Reports - with the aura/bio sensor system
Full 22/23 page color report in a binder with protective sleeves $50.
Basic 22/23 page color report - stapled together $40.
Mini 4/5 page report - stapled together $20.
Aura Photo $10. (only available with an Aura consulting session)
Live in Motion Aura viewing and consultation (30 minute minimum) $2/minute

Keith is able to teach you how to best take advantage of this system and also offer consultation sessions with it when wanted to better comprehend your energetic fields and what you can actually do with them to manifest a more fufilled life.

Energetic Interior Design Consulting:
Per hour - $100.

Energetic advice for aligning ones living and working spaces with their own energetic fields and what they choose to manifest within their lives. Color therapy, Crystals & Gemstone therapy and protection/manifestation grids. Energy/Space Clearing. Sessions are normally done at your home or the work space being consulted on. Keith is able to travel distances for this service, travel fees may apply.

To text for an appointment: 1 - 774 - 452 - 2784 (only texting)