Beyond Retail

Beyond our retail offerings, we have a deeper selection of services offered here at:
Talk of the Town 85 Main Street, Ware, MA. 01082
and at Transcendence with Keith Joseph Chouinard above our retail store.

Empathic Therapist, Psychic, Past Life Regressionist, Holy Fire Reiki Sessions and Classes,
Clinical Hynpotherapist, Space/Spirit Clearings and Excorcisms.
For more info click the link with Keith's name.

Keith J. Chouinard​

Spiritual Director of Talk of the Town

Holy Fire III Reiki Sessions & Classes
For more info click the link with Mark's name.

Mark E. Sampieri

Soaring White Spirit
Tarot Readings 
For more info click on the link with Bernice's name.

Bernice Gero

Sales, Custom projects, Bunnies & Birdhouses and more!

Hal Merrick

Custom projects, Sales, Deliveries​

Kevin Moore